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3 safety tips for driving around construction sites

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | Firm News

Seeing the bright orange signs of construction appear is a double-edged sword for drivers. On one hand, the promise of a newer, smoother road is enticing. But the traffic and disruption it causes until completion can be frustrating. Although drivers know to avoid construction sites, there are times when it is not an option.

To maintain safety during these encounters, consider these three crucial safety tips when driving around construction sites.

Pay attention to the signs and flaggers

Work sites post numerous signs to help drivers move safely through the area. Paying attention to construction work signs and flaggers is crucial to avoid accidents. This can mean minimizing any distractions, slowing down and following instructions.

Flaggers are crucial in moving civilians safely through the construction site, providing guidance until drivers are out of the area. Ignoring flaggers can result in a citation and increase the chance of mistakes.

Keep a safe distance from other vehicles

Large machinery, workers and equipment in construction sites raise the risk of accidents, emphasizing the importance of cautious driving. It’s crucial to remember that no driver wishes to be stuck in such a scenario. Tailgating or beeping impatiently can quickly turn a mundane situation into a dangerous one.

Rear-end collisions frequently occur within work sites, making patience crucial for those who wish to avoid accidents. Maintaining at least two cars’ length from other vehicles and construction machines can serve as a smart safety measure.

Prepare for the unexpected

Driving through construction zones involves tackling additional obstacles and challenges. It’s not the time to respond to a text or attend to other distractions. Encountering rough, bumpy gravel surfaces or large metal plates at such sites is typical. Distractions may decrease reaction times, increasing the risk of an accident.

Sharing fault could reduce your compensation

Accidents can happen on construction sites when someone is careless. It could be the company, its workers or the driver. In California, drivers who incur damages from such accidents may be eligible to claim compensation. This is true even if they are partially responsible.  If the driver is partly to, their compensation will be reduced in proportion to their fault.

Construction site accidents can result in devastating injuries and damages, highlighting the importance of extra vigilance from all sides. Before accepting fault or speaking to an attorney, drivers involved in a car accident may consult an attorney to avoid crucial mistakes.