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Who can be at fault in a car accident that involves a pedestrian?

Minor multi-vehicle accidents can result in minimal damages because the drivers and their passengers are within metal enclosures reinforced with life-saving safety features. Unfortunately, it is an entirely different story when the collision involves pedestrians.

In any vehicle-pedestrian accident, pedestrians are at the losing end, no matter how minor the crash. This disadvantage exists because nothing protects pedestrians from the impact of the collision. Even if the accident is minor, the blow can be strong enough to cause physical harm or death. Still, that does not mean the pedestrian is always the victim in these incidents. In car accidents involving pedestrians, the distribution of fault can depend on the circumstances:

  • The car could be at fault if their negligent actions led to the crash.
  • Pedestrians can be at fault if they put themselves in harm’s way by committing unlawful or reckless acts.
  • The car manufacturer or repair service provider could be at fault if a defective car part or repair caused the crash.
  • The government could be at fault if the road’s poor design, maintenance or lack of infrastructure led to the accident.
  • Multiple parties could be at fault if a combination of these factors happened, contributing to the crash.

Depending on state law, the at-fault party or parties can be held accountable for the car accident.

Determining your options based on the crash details

When dealing with accidents involving cars and pedestrians, there can be multiple ways to seek compensation to cover damages. Health and car insurance can help cover expenses, but these options might only be valid depending on the crash’s details. After suffering an injury in a car accident, it can be beneficial to seek legal counsel to gauge the possibility of filing a claim and address any issues.