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How can passengers prevent distracted driving?

Distracted driving is when drivers engage in any activity other than driving, which can increase the risk of a fatal car crash. Unfortunately, distractions abound inside and outside the vehicle. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that nine people die daily from accidents that involve a distracted driver.

Among all causes of distraction, passengers can be a double-edged sword. Passengers can take the driver’s eyes, hands and mind off the road in multiple ways. They can be rowdy while listening to loud music. They can also take out their frustration over the traffic jam and blame the driver’s skills. Further, they can offer the driver food and drinks that may require extra effort to unwrap and consume.

However, passengers can also be a necessary helping hand, aiding the driver in maintaining focus and safely operating on the road.

Passengers can be part of the solution to curb distracted driving

Distracted driving is often a result of drivers thinking that they can multitask without impairing their driving. Yet, a report claims that multitasking is a myth and that people only switch from a primary to a secondary task.

So, passengers can use their presence inside the car to take the burden or pressure off the driver by helping them accomplish what they want to do to allow them to concentrate on driving.

  • Use the GPS and navigate the map.
  • Answer the driver’s urgent calls, messages or electronic mails.
  • Look after the needs of other passengers, such as minor children.
  • Inform the driver respectfully if their choices or behaviors make the trip unsafe.
  • Manage the environmental settings, such as adjusting the choice of music to keep the driver calm yet alert.

This list can still expand depending on the driver’s needs during the travel. For instance, if there are extraordinary road conditions, such as construction works or intersections, passengers can inform the driver ahead of time so they can anticipate the necessary adjustments on their driving.

Other people can also proactively address distracted driving

Aside from passengers, other people can also be part of the efforts to keep distracted driving from causing deadly collisions. For instance, parents can educate their young or teen drivers about the consequences of not paying close attention to their driving. However, if tragedy still strikes despite prevention, a California legal team can guide victims through options and fight for fair compensation.