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Places where a car is more likely to hit a bicycle

It often feels as though there is an intricate dance between cars and bicycles on the roads. Certain areas in particular pose a higher risk of collisions for cyclists.

Recognizing these potential danger zones is necessary for both cyclists and drivers to enhance road safety.


Intersections are classic trouble spots where the paths of cars and bicycles intersect. Cyclists and drivers often navigate through these points simultaneously. All parties should be vigilant and adhere to traffic signals to avoid accidents at intersections.


Driveways may seem innocuous, but they harbor unseen dangers for cyclists. Cars pulling in and out of driveways pose a significant risk. Cyclists should remain cautious when passing driveways, and drivers must check for approaching vehicles before exiting.

Narrow roads

On narrow roads, the limited space amplifies the potential for accidents between cars and bicycles. Close quarters may lead to unintended contact, making it imperative for both drivers and cyclists to provide ample space. Increased awareness and reduced speed can mitigate risks on such roadways.

Busy urban areas

Busy urban areas present a unique challenge for cyclists and drivers alike. Heavy traffic, numerous intersections and frequent stops increase the likelihood of accidents. Both cyclists and drivers must remain vigilant, obey traffic rules and prepare for sudden stops or lane changes.

The National Safety Council reports that there were 299,944 preventable bicycle accident injuries in 2021. This figure illustrates that even though bicycle safety has come a long way, there is still much that drivers and cyclists can do to make the roads safer.