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How can a coworker’s actions on a scaffold lead to an injury?

Knowing how to use a scaffold is a key part of working in the construction field. However, one scenario people do not always think about is how coworkers behave on the scaffold.

What they do can affect how safe it is for other employees and could eventually lead to injuries.

Ignorance of safety rules

When coworkers do not follow the safety rules on a scaffold, it puts everyone in danger. This could mean not wearing the right safety gear or not paying attention to how much weight the scaffold can hold. If someone goes over the weight limit or moves around without being careful, it makes the scaffold more likely to collapse or tip over, which can lead to serious injuries.

Carelessness with materials

Improper handling of materials is another common cause of scaffold accidents. Coworkers may throw tools or materials from one level to another, disregarding the potential hazards below. This can result in objects falling and hitting workers below, causing head injuries, fractures or worse.

Poor communication

Effective communication among coworkers is important when working on a scaffold. Failure to communicate can lead to confusion and accidents.

For example, if one worker is moving the scaffold while another is still working on it, it can result in falls or entrapment. Clear communication about movements and tasks ensures that everyone is aware of their surroundings and can work safely.


Being distracted is a common reason why accidents happen at work, especially for employees on scaffolds. If a person’s coworkers are busy on their phones or talking too much, they might not pay attention to what they are doing. This makes them more likely to make mistakes, which could lead to another worker tripping or falling from the scaffold.

Battling the elements while on scaffolding often causes anxiety. Having coworkers who continue to put their fellow workers in danger can also lead to worry. Any worker injured on a construction site may want to seek fair compensation.v