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More defective airbags recalled

It seems like it wasn't long ago when millions of vehicles were recalled due to defective airbag inflators that were known to throw shrapnel throughout a vehicle, including into drivers and passengers. These Takata-made airbag inflators have caused 290 injuries worldwide, and 23 people have been killed by them, which is nothing short of tragic. As of recently, 37 million vehicles in America had been recalled to replace defective air inflators, but another recall has increased that total even more.

Understanding options in auto product liability cases

It seems like every week there is some type of recall related to cars and defective auto products. Since these recalls have become so common, it may seem like they're not a big deal. This isn't true. These dangerous products put innocent individuals in harm's way, threatening to cause serious car crashes that can leave people injured or killed. This is unacceptable, and those companies that are responsible for putting these products on the marketplace need to be held accountable.

Auto product defects and expert witnesses

It seems like these days there are a slew of automobile recalls due to defective parts. These parts, whether defective in their design, manufacturing or marketing, impose serious safety risks to unsuspecting motorists. In fact, motorists in California and nationwide are sometimes injured or even killed in accidents that are caused by defective auto products. Although there is nothing that can be done to undo an accident and the harm that it causes, victims and their families can choose to take legal action in hopes of imposing liability and recovering compensation for damages they suffered. However, in these types of lawsuits it is often very important to have an expert witness testify on one's behalf.

What are the elements of an auto part defect claim?

Consumers in California buy automobiles with the expectation that they are safe to operate on a daily basis. While this is generally the case, sometimes vehicle defects create situations where innocent motorist are seriously injured. These victims can face significant losses that are emotional, physical and financial in nature. This is why some of these victims choose to seek compensation through an auto product liability lawsuit. To succeed on one of these claims, an individual must prove three legal elements. The first is that the defective auto part was unreasonably dangerous. This characteristic may arise at any point along the manufacturing and supply chains. Therefore, a defective design may be enough to satisfy this element. So, too, may errors in shipping the auto part. Even an inadequate warning may be enough to show that the product was unreasonably dangerous. The second and third elements of an auto product liability claim are similar. The second is that the vehicle product in question was being used as intended at the time the injury was suffered. The third element is that the product was not substantially altered in a way that affected its intended use. Therefore, those who have substantially altered their vehicles may struggle to show that they were injured by a defective auto part, although it's not impossible. If these elements can be shown, then strict liability can be imposed. If successful, a victim will simply need to show the extent of the damages imposed upon him or her. It may sound easy enough to prove only three legal elements, but the truth of the matter is that defense attorneys have numerous strategies to try to combat these types of claims. Therefore, it is often wise for victims of defective auto products to seek assistance from skilled legal professionals.

Kia and Hyundai vehicles may have dangerous auto defects

There are numerous components that make a motor vehicle function effectively. A defect in any one of these component parts can pose a serious safety risk. As a result, unsuspecting motorists can be injured in accidents or fires. It is for the protection of consumers that the law allows individuals to pursue an auto product liability lawsuit when their injuries are directly linked to a defective auto product.

Ford trucks recalled over fire hazard

Californians expect the vehicles they drive to be safe. In order to ensure this safety, a motor vehicle needs to be well-thought out and executed, starting with its initial design. Unfortunately, many times there are design or manufacturing defects that cause vehicles to pose a risk to unsuspecting motorists. This can lead to an auto product recall, but sometimes those recalls come far too late.

What are some common auto part defects?

We rely on the transportation that is available to us. Whether we drive our own vehicle, travel by train, take a taxi or fly by plane, our safety and well-being is dependent upon how well-made those vehicles are when released to consumers. Although cars and other vehicles go through extensive research, design and safety testing, far too often manufacturers don't realize that an error has been made until it is too late. This leaves unsuspecting consumers in California at risk of being seriously injured or killed.

Lexus issues auto product recall for defective auto part

Although driving an automobile is inherently dangerous, those dangers should be limited to the actions of others. In other words, motorists in Encinitas and elsewhere should not be put at risk of harm from defects found in their own vehicles, vehicle components, or the vehicles being driven by other individuals. These defects exist, though, and they can take many forms and affect a variety of car parts. Oftentimes they wind up causing serious injuries to unsuspecting drivers.

Auto product defects and strict liability

Californians drive their cars, trucks, and SUVs without much thought of their safety outside of avoiding an accident caused by their own error or the negligence of another. While this is certainly important, it is not the only threat posed to motorists. Defective auto products can suddenly cause an accident or other motor vehicle malfunction that leaves individuals with serious injuries. In the worst cases, victims are killed. It is important for those who suffer damages from defective auto products to take the steps necessary to find accountability and, potentially, compensation for their losses.

Ford issues auto recall over detaching steering wheel

Most product lines, if not all, are subjected to safety standards that are regulated by the industry and state, local, and/or the federal government. Although these safety regulations are meant to prevent dangerous products from reaching the market, the fact of the matter is that far too many hazardous products make it past these regulations and into the hands of unsuspecting consumers. When this happens, even those who use a product carefully and in accordance with its directions can be left seriously injured.

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