17 Injured When a U-Haul and a School Bus Collide in Victorville

October 16, 2012

A school bus carrying 40 children was knocked on its side Thursday when a U-Haul truck backed into the street directly in it's path, injuring 16 students as well as the bus driver, authorities said. The crash occurred around 2pm while students were being transported home from   Galileo Academy in Victorville, about 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Two children suffered "serious but non-life threatening" injuries and were transported to Loma Linda University Medical Center.  Ten other children were injured and transported to the local hospitals, while the remaining 4 injured children were treated and released at the scene.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the U-Haul was backing out of a driveway as the bus, carrying students ages 9 to 11, approached at that the legal speed limit of 40 mph. The U-Haul was driven by a mother while her daughter directed her from the driveway. Somehow a communication gap occurred and the U-Haul was backed all the way into the street in the direct line of the school bus. The driver of the school bus tried to swerve in hopes of avoiding a collision, however the rear end of the U-Haul collided with the right side of the school bus near the rear axle, this caused it to spin and roll onto it's left side which blocked traffic in both lanes.

Parents of the children on the bus were contacted and came to pick up their children at the scene of the accident. The crash remains under investigation.