The Five Most Common Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

January 4, 2012

Car accidents can cause a number of debilitating injuries, including back and neck pain, severe internal injury, and broken bones. Listed below are some common injuries you should be aware of:

  1. Head Injuries: A collision to your car can result in a concussion or a bruised brain. This may leave you feeling sick, and occasionally are so severe as to cause seizures and memory loss. Concussions are hard to diagnose and it is important to remind your doctor if headaches or other symptoms persist following a car accident.
  2. Neck Injuries: Whiplash is a very common car injury. Whiplash is usually just a painful annoyance for a few days, but be sure to let your doctor know if you develop headaches or if the pain doesn't go away. Whiplash can affect your whole spinal cord and cause severe issues in the long-term. It may also aggravate a pre-existing injury or degenerative condition that was otherwise asymptomatic.
  3. Back Injuries: A back injury ofter results from the extreme forces placed on a person during an accident sequence. A sore back takes time, medication, and therapy to heal. However, if the symptoms worsen or persist, a more severe condition may exist that requires further medical attention. It is important to keep your doctor informed of your complaints so that they may determine the most appropriate course of care.
  4. Upper and Lower Limbs: It is not uncommon to have shoulder or knee pain following a car accident. Often times this is merely bruising from impacting the inside of the car during the accident sequence. However, if the pain persists, more serious injuries may be present. Rotator cuff tears and tears to the connective tissue of the wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles can all result from a motor vehicle accident.
  5. Internal Organs: Injuries to the internal organs usually only occur in the most violent of motor vehicle accidents. However, if you aren't wearing a seatbelt, a more moderate to minor accident can result in fractured ribs or other damage to the torso resulting in other injuries to the internal organs.

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