Young Boy Injured By Scooters Design Defect

January 4, 2012

Our client was a 12 years old boy who received an electric scooter from his parents for Christmas. The scooter was purchased from a popular warehouse store and came boxed and fully assembled when purchased.

On Christmas Day, the boy was riding his scooter around in his immediate neighborhood when he attempted to negotiate a right turn. As he completed the right turn the front wheel a little too sharp causing his feet to come off the scooter's platform. He lost his balance and as he fell he held onto the handle bars with his hands. He fell to the ground with the scooter falling over on top of him.

The boy immediately felt severe pain in his leg and realized his leg was bleeding profusely. He was able to get up and make it home where his parents called for paramedics. The boy suffered a severe laceration to his leg which required months of treatment and therapy.

Our in house private investigator along with a safety expert hired by our office conducted a thorough investigation. The investigation revealed that the deck on the scooter which the children stand on was made of aluminum. The edges of the surface around the platform were razor sharp and not covered or protected. The platform edge even cut a piece of paper during testing.

The case was settled for an undisclosed amount.