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California medical malpractice damages: Economic vs. non-economic

You've probably heard the term "medical malpractice," but even if you have experienced it, you might be uncertain just what it entails. There are many different types of medical errors, ranging from dangerous to fatal. "Mistakes happen" is almost never acceptable when your life or the life of a loved one is at stake, especially not when these mistakes were avoidable had the medical staff followed the precautions and procedures established to prevent just such dangerous or even potentially fatal errors.

The workers' compensation appeals process

Most Californians go to work every day without much thought about their safety. They simply want to go in, put in their time, make their wages, and, hopefully, make some sort of difference in the world. Some jobs are inherently dangerous, though, like those of police officers, firefighters, and construction workers. Yet, even those who work in jobs that seem completely safe can be subjected to a workplace injury. When a worker suffers an on-the-job injury, he or she may struggle to make ends meet since they may not be able to earn a wage while they recover, and medical expenses can accumulate. Fortunately, the workers' compensation system may provide relief.

Competently handling workers' compensation claims

Recently on the blog we discussed an incident where police officers were injured during a training exercise. Although police officers, firefighters, and other workers often put their well-being on the line to perform their job duties, others go to work without a thought about their safety. Yet, workplace accidents happen all the time, leaving unsuspecting workers injured. Although these workers may be able to recover workers' compensation for their injuries, the process can be challenging, with many workers seeing their claim denied. Even those who are able to recover workers' compensation benefits may find themselves still lacking the money they need to recoup their lost wages and pay their medical expenses.

Did excessive speeding play a role in your car accident?

Many drivers speed. It is an extremely common, seemingly benign behavior, yet it is one of the leading causes of car accidents in California and across the country. If you suffered injuries in a car accident, there is a good chance that excessive speeds were a factor in what happened to you.

Workers' compensation and the utilization review

Being injured on the job can take its toll on an individual. An injured worker may, of course, be subjected to physical pain, but he or she may also have extensive financial losses in the form of lost wages and medical expenses. When a workplace injury leaves an individual unable to work and, therefore, unable to earn a wage, it can be difficult to make ends meet. Although workers' compensation benefits may be available to help such an individual recoup his or her losses and provide time for him or her to recover from the injury, maintaining those benefits and securing the medical care one needs isn't always easy.

Workplace accident leaves two police officers injured

Believe it or not, every day you go to work you are at risk of suffering an injury on the job. In some professions, such as law enforcement, firefighting, and construction, this reality is readily apparent. In others, though, like office jobs, dangers may not be readily observable. Repetitive movements can cause stress injuries, one's workplace environment can leave one exposed to dangerous toxins, and negligent drivers can cause a devastating car accident. On top of this, sometimes wholly unexpected things occur that can leave a worker seriously injured.

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